Corporate Jet Tax to Balance the Budget – I Guess That’s Good for Political Theatre

Corporate Jet Tax to Balance the Budget – I Guess That’s Good for Political Theatre

Indeed, I suppose everyone has their demons, and symbols of evil. It’s just that I don’t understand why President Obama picked corporate jets as his. You see, when I was much younger, I often thought that private jets were excessive. I can also remember Bill Gates saying the same thing, and he decided to fly on regular airliners for years he did, even after Microsoft was worth billions. Eventually, folks realized that private jets are business tools, as did I.

Today, President Obama has taken more personal excursions during his presidency than most all other presidents, and he sure flies around on Air Force One quite a bit, which arguably is the largest private/corporate/business jet in the history of mankind, with a crew which is probably also the most costly. Those Air Force One aircraft use a lot of fuel and put out a lot of carbon emissions my friends. So, let’s not kid ourselves, and let’s separate political theatre and rhetoric from pre-written teleprompter phrases.

There was another article on President Obama’s disdain for corporate and private jets in the New York Times on July 7, 2011 titled; “Industry Set for Fight to Keep Corporate Jet Tax Breaks” by Eric Lichtblau which stated;

“Obama used to like corporate jets. As a senator in 2005, he crisscrossed the country in them nine times to attend fund-raisers, reimbursing the corporate jet owners at first-class rates. But Obama soon grew upset at high-flying perks in the Senate & began flying commercial. Now, he battles Republicans over the debt ceiling, with Democrats he’s looking to delete tax breaks for corporate jet owners & yacht owners – He says is a potent political symbol of a tax system that tilts toward the very rich.”

Still, make no mistake, modification of the depreciation schedules and tax accounting for private and corporate jets is not going to balance the budget or bring in some windfall of revenue to the Federal Government, so spare us all the nonsense. Secondly, this class-warfare, and anti-rich-person play to secure votes and play to the media is unbecoming of an American President, and it reminds me more of something that Hugo Chavez of Venezuela might come up with.

There was an interesting editorial also in the Wall Street Journal on July 8, 2011 titled “Sorting the Real From the Phony Spending Cut Options” by Mr. Barnes of the Weekly Standard, which brought up many other points about budget trickery. Now then, Mr. Barnes states it straight, and the American People have a right to know about this. Indeed, I fear that folks are once again falling for baiting techniques which the Obama Administration has been playing all along, this time with the rich and poor.

The thing that bothers me is; as comical as this has been, our entire economy and civilization is at risk, and all we’ve got now is crony capitalism, and we all know that socialism doesn’t work. Those of us in the aviation sector realize that last time the luxury tax laws went into effect, it killed jobs and general aviation for years, in fact, it never did fully recover. Please consider all this.

Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank. Lance Winslow believes writing 24,000 articles by July 24, 2011 is going to be difficult because all the letters on his keyboard are now worn off now…

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